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Talk by Roger Pickard, Variable Stars

Wednesday 27th Nov – Monthly meeting.

This month we start at 7:00pm as the talk is preceded by our General Meeting and vote for the Committee. Talk starts at 7:30pm.

Roger Pickard is visiting Bath Astronomers on Wednesday 27th November to talk to us about getting into variable star observing both visually and with a camera. This year Roger completed 20 years as the British Astronomical Association's Variable Star Section Director and has passed the baton on to a new director, Jeremy Shears. He remains as Assistant Director.

Roger has a wealth of experience observing these variations in the night sky over 50 years and has published many articles along the way. Estimates of the changing brightness of stars can give clues to the nature of individual and binary star systems and uncover mysteries still without explanation.

The talk will cover, in general, the type of star recorded by the BAA Variable Star Section and will include an outline as to what they are and how and why they change brightness. In addition, Roger will shown you how to find and estimate the brightness of a variable star.

Bath Astronomers monthly meeting for all members and new comers to meet up, enjoy perhaps a new topic and a cup of tea and a biscuit. Held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, 19 New King Street.

The format is open and comprises an update for the month and a talk on an astronomy topic within the reach of amateurs.

All Visitors welcome and there is a charge of £5 which helps cover the cost of the venue. Reduced to £2 for juniors, students or WHS/Bath Astronomers members. Registration is not required.

Picture: Simon Holbeche

Date: Wednesday, 27 November 2019
Commences at 7:00PM and due to end by 9:00PM
Anticipated duration of the event is 2 hours

Herschel Museum of Astronomy
19 New King Street
United Kingdom

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