Our Members

We want the Bath Astronomers to be the best bits of astronomy societies up and down the UK. Inclusive, welcoming to all and sparking wonder in the things above our heads. We want to avoid/take down barriers to learning more about celestial objects and astrophysics.

Bath Taps into Science 2019

Some of our members are new to the interest. Others have been actively involved for more than half a century. What we want to do is create and maintain a group and culture where both can try new things, learn new stuff. Where sharing and encouraging is preferred to cliques and it’s ok to ask stupid questions.

Some people have come from other societies or maintain several memberships so we try to share. This way we regularly keep in touch with Beckington AS, Starquest, Wells and Mendip Astronomers and Wilts AS. We even share events such as the annual Messier Marathon with Wells.

Mercury Transit 2019

Some members are armchair astronomers. Others own binoculars. Others own telescopes from small to huge. Some even have their own observatories. Many do astrophotography from its simplest of holding a smart phone over the eyepiece to expensive CCD/CMOS astro cameras and digital image stacking and processing. A Bath Astronomers gathering is simple a place to socialise, discover and learn hopefully with a cup of tea and a good biscuit… the favourites to date aren’t biscuit based but Tunnock’s caramel wafer and Wagon Wheels.

Most of all, we enjoy going out and looking at the night sky and the objects often hidden in its immensity. We’re often to be found in Wellow in the public carpark or on the top of White Sheet Hill with telescopes and binoculars trained skyward. Perhaps you’d like to join in?

Types of Membership

Young People (under 18) will need to have a responsible adult identified who is also a member of the Bath Astronomers. This would usually be a parent, relative, or guardian. Unfortunately we can’t accept young people memberships without an associated responsible adult.