Weather Forecasts

This is a great source of data showing the next 3 days of data in this handy graphic. Click on the graphic to be taken to a view of the next 7 days. One element that makes this forecast so useful is the separate reporting of different cloud heights.
This forecast is supplied by First Light Optics under the web name Clear Outside. The data comes from or now via its API
Bath 72 hour forecastThe data for this 3 day forecast comes from Metcheck and you can click on the graphic to get to the 7 day view.
It gives detail on the trends more clearly and just a general cloud cover indicator.
Metcheck do not provide a graphic like this so it is constructed using Metcheck’s data from their API by Bath Astronomers.

Current weather in Bath

Temperature 14.2°C
Relative humidity 89%  Dewpoint 12.4°C
The wind average speed is 2.3mph with gusts up to 6.1mph. The general direction of the wind is Westerly(W).
The total rainfall recorded to date is 399.3mm. Rainfall in the last hour is 0.3mm.
The current air pressure (sea level) is 999.5mBar. Air pressure is currently . The trend in air pressure during the last 6 hours is unchanged.
Last measurement taken at 19:09 on Tue 20th Oct 2020

Current sky view

View of Bath Sky