Welcome to the observing arm of the William Herschel Society based in Bath, Somerset, UK. New members welcome to enjoy observing the night sky and attending regular meetings and lectures about astronomy


A group passionate about astronomy and sharing the skies through group or public observing sessions and educational outreach activities in and around Bath. Bath Astronomers are open to new members wishing to learn more and go stargazing in Somerset.

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  • Solar Observing @ Herschel Museum of Astronomy

    Organised by: Bath Preservation Trust and volunteers from BPT, Wiltshire Astronomical Society and the William Herschel Society. From 10:30 until 17:00 (subject to weather), there will be one or more solar telescopes at 19 New King Street.   Solar telescopes will be set up in the garden of 19 New King Street so that visitors...


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Weather over next 3 days

ClearOutside Weather Forecast
If the Summary line shows green for a particular 2 hour window, there is a good chance of being able to observe. Click the chart above to open a full 7 day forecast. ClearOutside is provided by the lovely people at First Light Optics.

Darkness information

Night time

Sunset: 20:29
End twilight:
Begin twilight:
Sunrise: 03:53
Moon phase

First Quarter

Phase: 30.7%
Illumination: 67.7%
Age: 9.08 days
Size: 31.3'
Distance: 382,032km

Click image to visit NASA Scientific Visualization Studio and detailed maps
New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
Wed 13 Jun 19:45Wed 20 Jun 10:52Thu 28 Jun 04:54Fri 6 Jul 07:52
Fri 13 Jul 02:49Thu 19 Jul 19:53Fri 27 Jul 20:22Sat 4 Aug 18:19
Sat 11 Aug 09:59Sat 18 Aug 07:49Sun 26 Aug 11:58Mon 3 Sep 02:39
Sun 9 Sep 18:02Sun 16 Sep 23:16Tue 25 Sep 02:54Tue 2 Oct 09:47