Welcome to the observing arm of the William Herschel Society based in Bath, Somerset, UK. New members welcome to enjoy observing the night sky and attending regular meetings and lectures about astronomy


A group passionate about astronomy and sharing the skies through group or public observing sessions and educational outreach activities in and around Bath. Bath Astronomers are open to new members wishing to learn more and go stargazing in Somerset.

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  • Total Lunar Eclipse

    In the early hours of Monday 21st January 2019 there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse visible from the UK… just. It begins at 02:36 UTC and ends at 07:48 UTC with a total duration of 5 hours and 12 minutes. The peak of totality is 05:12 UTC. By the end of the eclipse, the...


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  • January Night Sky

    January Night Sky

    This month there are many treats to have you put on your warm clothes and pop outside and look ...

  • Telescope Workshop for all

    Telescope Workshop for all

    Astronomy is a wonderful hobby/interest/profession. It is often tempting to rush out and buy a ...

  • Telescope workshop

    Telescope workshop

    If at 17 I just gave you a set of car keys for the first time and expected you to 1) get where ...

  • Quadrantid Meteors

    Quadrantid Meteors

    Look to the North late on 3rd January into the early hours of the 4th to see one of the most ...


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Darkness information

Night time

Sunset: 16:33
End twilight: 18:32
Begin twilight: 06:06
Sunrise: 08:04
Moon phase

Waxing Gibbous

Phase: 35.3%
Illumination: 80.1%
Age: 10.42 days
Size: 31.7'
Distance: 377,407km

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New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
Sun 6 Jan 01:29Mon 14 Jan 06:46Mon 21 Jan 05:17Sun 27 Jan 21:12
Mon 4 Feb 21:04Tue 12 Feb 22:26Tue 19 Feb 15:53Tue 26 Feb 11:29
Wed 6 Mar 16:05Thu 14 Mar 10:26Thu 21 Mar 01:43Thu 28 Mar 04:11
Fri 5 Apr 08:52Fri 12 Apr 19:06Fri 19 Apr 11:12Fri 26 Apr 22:19