Welcome to the observing arm of the William Herschel Society based in Bath, Somerset, UK. New members welcome to enjoy observing the night sky and attending regular meetings and lectures about astronomy


A group passionate about astronomy and sharing the skies through group or public observing sessions and educational outreach activities in and around Bath. Bath Astronomers are open to new members wishing to learn more and go stargazing in Somerset.

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  • 07 Dec 2017

    13/14th Dec watch the Geminid Meteors

    Received from the BAA: A GREAT YEAR FOR THE GEMINIDS!   Active from December 6-17, but with a slow rise to maximum, the Geminids are currently the richest of the regular annual meteor showers, producing an abundance of bright meteors, with rates outstripping those of the August Perseids for a 24-hour interval centred on their...


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This lists periods over the next seven days in the Bath area where the night time cloud cover is forecast to be low enough to support observing; less than 20%. Green is good. Yellow and Amber are less favourable. Data is refreshed hourly from Metcheck.com
Date/TimeCloud coverage %WindTemp °C
Fri 15 DecSunrise: 05:50 GMT Sunset:17:57 GMT
17:00 GMT7150026mph N8
18:00 GMT7150025mph N8
19:00 GMT10120024mph N8
20:00 GMT2800022mph N8
21:00 GMT2300021mph N8
22:00 GMT3800021mph N7
23:00 GMT120020mph N7
Sat 16 DecSunrise: 05:50 GMT Sunset:17:58 GMT
00:00 GMT010020mph N7
01:00 GMT000020mph NNW7
02:00 GMT000019mph NNW7
03:00 GMT240018mph NNW7
04:00 GMT830018mph NNW7
05:00 GMT9130017mph NNW7
19:00 GMT19188023mph NW9
Wed 20 DecSunrise: 05:52 GMT Sunset:18:00 GMT
00:00 GMT1818008mph W12
03:00 GMT1313007mph WNW12
Fri 22 DecSunrise: 05:53 GMT Sunset:18:01 GMT
21:00 GMT19120628mph N8
Sat 23 DecSunrise: 05:54 GMT Sunset:18:02 GMT
00:00 GMT000029mph N8
03:00 GMT330028mph N8
Sun 24 DecSunrise: 05:55 GMT Sunset:18:02 GMT
00:00 GMT17001723mph NNE5