The Team

The activities of Bath Astronomers are run by the members for the general public and other members. To maintain this support and make it as effective as possible, we have a small group of members who coordinate things and give extra time and effort to help ensure introductions to and experiences of practical amateur astronomy are as rewarding as possible.

Simon Holbeche

Simon got his first telescope at the age of 9. He spent two years in the garden trying to use it until he joined Guildford Astronomical Society and had an epiphany, you get the best from your telescope if you share your experiences. 40 years later he’s still actively observing, build astro gadgets and passionate about getting people to look up.

The Chairperson leads the coordination team and general meetings and ensures the team and society operates in accordance with the constitution. They plan and co-ordinate monthly lecture programme and venues.

The Chairperson liaises with other organisations and groups such as the Herschel Society and Bath Preservation Trust to coordinate activities, events and projects. They also perform the duties of the Child Protection Responsible Officer on behalf of Bath Astronomers to ensure all our activities are safe and fun.

Julia Matthews

The Treasurer looks after the in and outs of money into the bank for Bath Astronomers. They ensure the accounts are kept appropriately and are available for audit.

The Treasurer maintains the membership records using the system supplied by membermojo and looks after new members and those renewing to make the experience as painless and as rewarding as possible.

Martin Farrell

The Secretary organises the meetings of the coordination team and manages correspondence to the team and members alike. They record the discussions and activities of the team and distribute.

The Secretary receives and responds to Bath Astronomers correspondence via letter, email and Messenger/Facebook and keeps members of the coordination team advised.

Meyrick Williams

Prim Pike

There can be up to 5 Ordinary Officers/coordination team members and they don’t have dedicated responsibilities. There are many activities in the society required to make it successful and the Ordinary Officers share these with other team members. They include:

  • Welcoming new members and identifying their aspirations/interests. Introducing them to appropriate members;
  • Contributing to marketing activities on Facebook, Twitter, etc;
  • Authoring articles for website, Facebook or Twitter;
  • Organising and running public observing;
  • Seeking and coordinating volunteers for outreach and observing;
  • Organising and running members observing – adhoc;
  • Liaising with other local societies to share ideas and events;
  • Organising trips to We the Curious etc;
  • Setting up rooms for monthly meetings and events.
Camilla EvansCamilla is not on the coordination team but acts as our education and outreach advisor

The Society has a written constitution to assist in its operation and to guide its activities. It outlines an Annual General Meeting in which members will be nominated for positions on the Society’s coordination team and voted on for the period of one year.