Current Meteor Activity

Amateur astronomy doesn’t only involve optical observing. The data below comes from monitoring radio waves, specifically 143.05MHz, which are being reflected back to Earth by the ionised trails of meteors. The radio waves originate from the GRAVES space surveillance radar in France pointing out over the Mediterranean. As meteors come in sporadically over the Med and Southern France, the leave ionised trails behind them that reflect the GRAVES radar back towards the UK. You can find out more about it at:

There are various images below. The first shows ‘Live’ detections of meteors from Bath and updates every 5 seconds. The second shows the hourly counts over recent 24 hour periods and clearly demonstrates that 3am to 5am is a great time for observing meteors. The third is a map of the night sky showing Radio Meteor Observing Bulletin data compiled from around the World showing meteor hotspots in the sky. Finally are a series of monthly meteor counts measured from an aerial in Bath.

‘Live’ meteor detections from Bath

Charted meteor detections from Bath over the last 24hrs

RMOB aggregated World hotspot view of recent detections

Frequency in October 2019

Frequency in September 2019

Frequency in August 2019

Frequency in July 2019

Frequency in June 2019

Frequency in May 2019