Offers to rehome DIY 9inch Newtonian

July 2017 – Paulton

A well built 9″ Newtonian configured on an equatorial mount is available to preferably rehome for immediate usage but could be used for parts if no home can be found for it intact. Its maker was not able to make significant use of it due to illness.

The tube is glass fibre, 10″ in diameter and just over 6 feet long. It is treated internally to reduce reflections. It has been mounted horizontally for several years and so may have bowed slightly.

The primary mirror was manufactured by contacts in the filming/natural history industry – no markings were visible from the exterior. It is well mounted and a focal length of circa 6′. It appears reasonably clean and a quick check showed reasonable optical alignment.

The secondary is on a 4 vein spider and doesn’t restrict the optical path much. 4 adjusters to align.

The finder is constructed simply from plastic piping

The mount is well engineered and the wedge is set for Somerset latitudes. The base is made of wood.

The telescope has a few eyepieces all of 1.25″ form.

Let us know if you are interested.

Pictures below: