Observing at Wellow on Sat 1st April

Attendees – Jonathan, Charles, and about 8 visitors at Wellow, from 20:00

Dusk was still falling at 20:00, with a 3-day old moon, transparent skies, but also 50% cloud cover. Great views of the moon, and bright double stars (Castor, Mizar) as dusk descended, plus plenty of chat about telescope options. But the cloud cover increased to about 95%.

Most departed by 21.30. Charles stayed on, and the skies got back to about 50% clear. This was good enough for a look at the bright Ursa Major galaxies (M51, M81, M82, even M101), and in Leo (M65, M66; M95, M96), M3, and a quick look at Jupiter. Charles packed up at 10.30, and 30 minutes later, back in Bath, it was 95% clear!