June Night Sky

Later this month sees Saturn reach opposition in the night sky and the brightest it’ll be this apparition. On still, calm nights you should be able to see it without too much atmospheric wobble and see the Cassini Division well. It is low in the sky like most of the planets this time of year from the Northern hemisphere of the Earth. Going further South on your holidays would give you the opportunity to see the planets through less atmosphere so perhaps pack some binoculars or a telescope with your Speedos.

Not only is Saturn on show. You should also be able to see Venus, Jupiter and Mars (in decreasing brightness). Venus is showing as a distinct waning disc about 75% illuminated and Jupiter, although past its conjunction this year, is looking magnificent and showing off its banding and Great Red Spot. Jupiter rotates in only 10 hours and so a long observing session may allow you to see the GRS move across the entire disc.

Our monthly guide to the sky in June is available to download below:

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