Star count 2022

This year’s Star Count takes place from 26th February to 6th March and you can be involved in the survey of light pollution in the UK simply by counting the stars within the outer stars of Orion.

You can find out more and register for updates from the CPRE by visiting

We’ve prepared some handouts which may be useful in undertaking your star count. We have an overview handout and a worksheet to help you record the stars you see.

You can count stars individually but you may find it useful to use our numbered chart of Orion showing the brightest to dimmest of the stars you could see on the star count. Simply try to find the 10th brightest star and if you find it, look for the 15th and so on until you find the dimmest star you can see. Easy.

If able to travel around, consider doing multiple star counts at different locations to assist the survey.

You can download the pack from the CPRE for families to enjoy the Star Count 2022 here.

The CPRE will provide a form to submit your counts once the Star Count 2022 is open on 26th February and we’ll provide a link to it.