Monkton Observing 24/09

Great to get out under the stars again this evening with the visitors and members alike. 11 people all looking up from the Monkton Combe Community Observatory.

We had a small wait until the clouds cleared and Jupiter burst through bright a few days before it’s Opposition. Great views of Saturn followed and then on to globulars, planetary nebulae, open clusters and of course the Andromeda Galaxy.

The full list of objects seen was M13 Great Cluster in Hercules, M27 Dumbell Nebula, M31 Andromeda Galaxy, M57 Ring Nebula, M110, M45 Pleiades, Double Cluster in Perseus, Mizar/Alcor, Jupiter, Galilean Moons, Saturn, Uranus, International Space Station, and Transit of Europa’s shadow across Jupiter.