Stargazing for Beginners: how to get started in the hobby of astronomy 

Sunday 2 October, 4-6pm
Zoom Online, attendance is free of charge 

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wanted to find out more, but weren’t sure where to start? The Bristol, Cardiff, and Bath Astronomical Societies are here to help! We’ve teamed up to give aspiring stargazers the best possible start with a fascinating series of talks aimed at absolute beginners.  

Over the course of just two hours you’ll discover how to see constellations of stars using nothing but your eyes, receive tips on choosing and using telescopes to explore further, learn how to take your own photos of the night sky, and find out the best targets for stargazers to observe over the coming months. Attendance is free and open to all (recommended age 10+). See you there! 

The following notes accompany the talks:

The evening comprises 4 short talks:

Eyes to the skies! 

Taking your first steps into the world of stargazing 

Join experienced stargazer Andy Burns for a session helping you discover the wonderful hobby of astronomy. If you’ve ever wanted to track down a constellation, see a meteor shower, or just understand a little more about what’s out there, then this talk will be perfect for you. 

So, you want a telescope?  

Top tips for choosing one that’s right for you 

Most stargazers want a telescope sooner or later, but with a dizzying array on offer, where to start? Telescope guru Ryan Parle will outline the different types of telescope, what to look out for, and how to choose an instrument that will give you years of enjoyment — whatever your budget!

Astrophotography 101 

How you can take photos of the night sky 

Camera technology is now more advanced than ever, and it’s possible for beginners to take stunning astrophotos. Urban Astrophotographer Lee Pullen will talk through how to take your very first photo of the stars, and outline the next steps if you get bitten by the astrophotography bug!

Journey through the night sky 

Highlights for the year ahead 

Seasoned stargazer Jane Clark will be your guide to the night sky, giving a tour of the best things to see over the coming months. Discover where and when to see the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as bright constellations of stars and exciting cosmic marvels in deep space.