Sun & Space Sunday

After the huge success last year with families from far and wide visiting us, our Sun and Space Sunday is back. We’d love it if you brought your fascination in space with you, perhaps by dressing up, or by bringing along that alien you’ve been hiding since she crash landed in your back garden.

Enjoy the space books at Toppings, sharing the amazing out of this world crafts by the team at the Herschel Museum, or with expert solar astronomers looking safely at your nearest star, the Sun. Perhaps become Caroline Herschel for the day!!

Sunday 13th Aug 10am to 4pm on York Street nr the Abbey and Toppings Bookshop.

We’ll be bringing giveaways and prizes with us to make the smiles even bigger!!

We’ll be setting up our gazebos in York Street, Bath near Toppings Bookshop. Find us at: