Supermassive black holes: how to feed them and what happens when you do

Dr Carolin Villforth joined us on Wednesday 31st January ’24 to talk about her passion for active galactic nuclei and the supermassive black holes that power them.

Recording of Dr Carolin Villforth’s talk

About Carolin

Dr Carolin Villforth is a senior lecturer in the Astrophysics group at University of Bath. Carolin completed her Diploma in Physics at University of Heidelberg in Germany. She obtained her PhD working on variability in accreting supermassive black hole systems from Turku University (Finland). Before moving to Bath, she held research positions at the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma (Spain), the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore (USA), University of Florida and University of St Andrews. Carolin is an observational astrophysicists, she studies the connection between supermassive black holes and galaxy evolution using imaging and spectroscopy from both ground and space based observatories.