British Science Week

Bath Astronomers threw themselves into full support of British Science Week (BSW) this year with visits to 5 different schools from 11th to 15th March.

On Monday we visited St. Benedict’s Catholic Primary School in Midsomer Norton and ran planetarium sessions for everyone in the school except Yr2 who were on a school trip.

Tuesday, it was St. Michael’s Junior School, Twerton and sessions in the planetarium and sundial building with Yr4, Yr5, and Yr6.

Wednesday saw a trip to North Bradley Church of England Primary in North Bradley and another whole school event with Camilla, ThatSTEMCoach, running Astro Pi Mission Zero for the senior years and story time and gravity well experiments for the younger groups. Simon ran planetarium sessions and virtual stargazing for all including the pre-schoolers.

The magic of the day before was repeated at St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary school in Corsham with Camilla and Simon running the whole school events. Even some IT glitches weren’t enough to make it a very successful day.

The finale for BSW jumped to secondary education and a series of talks to students at St.Augustine’s Catholic College. Talks on Astrometry, Spectroscopy, and Heroes of Astronomy were hopefully well received by Yr7, Yr10, Yr12, and Yr13. The day was closed out with a virtual journey in the planetarium for members of Yr7.

All in all a very successful week with over 990 students involved in one or more activities. Now time for a rest!

Thank to Heywood Prep and Wishford Education for facilitating the time for Camilla to visit schools with Bath Astronomers this BSW.