World Heritage Day

A great afternoon supporting the Bath Preservation Trust bringing astronomy and in this case solar observing to the public at the World Heritage Day below the Royal Crescent on Sunday 22nd April. Jonathan Hall, Tony Vale, Charles Draper and Simon Holbeche were there to guide the usage of the 4 solar telescopes set up. 2 Coronado Personal Solar Telescopes, 1 SCT with a white light filter and 1 4″ reflector being used to project an image onto white card.

Karen Power, Amy Frost and Joe Middleton were all set up next to Bath Astronomers gazebo and we acted as a very successful double act all afternoon sharing laughs, materials and guiding the inquisitive minds to more information, dressing up as a Georgian or gazing at Sun spots.

Not saying they cheated, but the Herschel Museum team got the Herschel Family Scavenger Hunt answers all correct without having to run around the green.

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