Measuring the Universe

From the Local Group through to the Hubble Flow.

A talk by Abi Chown, from the University of Bath. Thursday 28th February at 7:30pm at the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, 19 New King Street.

To us on Earth, the night sky looks two dimensional. We can see a beautiful blanket of stars above us and yet it is impossible to tell using only the naked eye which stars are “close” and which stars are “far away” (astronomically speaking!). This talk will describe the tools and techniques used by astronomers to measure distances in space and how these overlapping techniques are used to measure the expansion rate of the universe.

All Visitors welcome and there is a charge of £4 which helps cover costs. Reduced to £2 for juniors, students or WHS/Bath Astronomers members.

Space is limited at the Museum and so far we have sufficient reservations to fill the gallery. Hence we are no longer taking reservations and we do not anticipate any spare seats. Sorry if you’ve missed out.