Turning photos into Wow!! images

On Wednesday 24th June, Roger Hyman will be giving us a talk on what he’s learned in the last 18 months to turn what might seem light drab night time snaps into spectacular images of the unsung beauties of the night sky.

Update: You can catch the talk on replay at https://youtu.be/77hIuP6xkc4?t=1582

Roger will show us the processes he follows after capturing an image to the final tweaks in Photoshop. Of course, he’ll be showing his images over the last year or so including his latest audio-visual presentation which we got got a snippet of in January.

Already a keen amateur photographer, Roger was lured into his local astronomical society and caught the bug marrying both hobbies together using kit available to any amateur with a reasonable budget and often seen in the astro shows/fairs at discounted prices. He’s a keen contributor to the Virtual Astronomy Club, Beckington Astronomical Society and Bath Astronomers. Unlike others with seemingly decades of experience, Roger’s down to Earth is refreshing and leaves you with the thought “… I could do that”.

The talk will be held using Zoom collaborative tools and opens at 7:20pm on Wednesday 24th June for a prompt start at 7:30pm. All welcome – both existing members and those curious about stargazing or astrophotography.

You can join the meeting using the link: