Observing the Planets talk

Mark Radice joins us on Wednesday 30th September at 7:30pm to give us a wonderful talk. “Observing the Planets” describes the joy of observing the planets and includes Mark’s images and sketches from many years of practical observing. It also includes images when Mark observed every planet in the solar system (and the Moon, Sun, Earth and numerous moons) in 1 night during a club trip to the IAC Observatory on Mt Teide, Tenerife with a telescope that had been dragged through aircraft security in hand luggage. 

Mark has been an active observer since first comet Hyakutake and then Hale Bopp graced the skies in the 1990s.  Having observed 2 stunning comets through binoculars, he remains profoundly disappointed as he waits for the next bright comet to appear. He now observes from his garden observatory near Salisbury when not visiting star parties and dark skies in the UK and overseas.  He has had articles and images published in Astronomy Now and output of a decidedly lesser quality on his own website RefreshingViews.com.

The talk will be online and potentially include a visit to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy if COVID-19 restrictions permit.