Star Count 2021

Bath Astronomers are supporting CPRE, the countryside charity, again this year with their annual Star Count. Star Count 2021 uses citizen scientists like yourselves to assess the current levels of light pollution in your area using a simple task to count stars within an area of sky and send you location and count to them. The fewer stars you can see, the more the light pollution in your area.

By comparing year on year, it is possible to see if light pollution is remaining stable or getting worse. You can see last years results at

This year’s star count is to be undertaken between 6th and 14th February 2021. Any clear night, pop out and locate the constellation of Orion in the sky to the south. It’s belt of three stars is the most easily identifiable feature.

To take part in the Star Count 2021 and receive more information from CPRE about it, you should register your name and email address. This link will take you to the registration page:
or you can go direct:

We’ve prepared the following information and work sheets to help you with your count:

Overview of the Star Count and how to go about it
Worksheet to draw in the stars you see
The brightest 42 stars in the count area marked from 1 brightest to 42 dimmest

A printer friendly version of the worksheet is available here and the information sheet here.