24th Nov Talk on Lunar Regolith

Dr Hannah Sargeant will be joining after the AGM this month to give a talk from 7:30pm about the Moon, it’s resources, and how we might find, extract, and utilise them. The talk will be delivered by Zoom to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. Email hello@bathastronomers.org.uk to reserve one of the 12 seats available. Members unable to attend at the Museum can join via Zoom.

Synopsis of talk

To enable crewed exploration of the Moon and beyond we must utilise local resources on the Moon, this is known as in situ resource utilisation (ISRU). ISRU is a rapidly growing research field with teams investigating what resources are available, how to extract them, and how best to utilise them. In this talk Hannah will outline some different ISRU technologies related to the extraction of water on the Moon, one of the most crucial resources needed for future space exploration.

About Hannah

Hannah is post-doctoral researcher at The University of Central Florida working in the field of lunar resources. She holds a Physics degree from the University of Sheffield and an MSc in Space Exploration Systems from the University of Leicester. Hannah completed her PhD in Planetary Science at the Open University where she worked with the ProSPA instrument team on water extraction techniques for the Moon. She has also collaborated on projects at the Lunar and Planetary Institute investigating properties of the lunar poles to support future exploration, and with the LUVMI-X rover team investigating ways to reduce the power required for spaceflight mass spectrometers. Hannah continues to be a member of the PROSPECT Science team supporting the activities planned for the European Space Agency instrument on-board the Luna-27 mission, and she was recently elected to the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group executive committee.