Royal Crescent Solar

A great pop-up event help on the lawn of the Royal Crescent on Saturday 28th May ’22 with amazing volunteer support from Jonathan H, Prim P, Roger H, and Steve K as well as help from Jade and Ron.

Dozens of families and individuals were drawn to our display of various telescopes with appropriate filters to view the Sun safely. We had 2 Coronado PSTs looking at the Chromosphere in hydrogen alpha redlight. A 120mm refractor with the Lunt Herschel Wedge. A 9.25″ SCT with a Baader ND5 filter. Finally a pair of 15x70mm binoculars for solar projection.

We braved the parking wardens in Royal Victoria Park to run the session from 10am until 1pm and our luck held out with parking tickets and the weather. Even as we were packing up people kept turning up and wanting to look through the telescopes making it a fun tension between more great outreach and getting a parking ticket!!!

We were joined by the assistant producer and camera team from the Sky at Night to record a piece for the July programme on outreach and volunteering. Huge thanks to Marina Hui for organising.