Total Lunar Eclipse

In the early hours of Monday 21st January 2019 there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse visible from the UK… just.

It begins at 02:36 UTC and ends at 07:48 UTC with a total duration of 5 hours and 12 minutes. The peak of totality is 05:12 UTC. By the end of the eclipse, the Moon will be fast approaching the western horizon and the Sun will soon be rising in the East.

It is a great opportunity to try taking a photographic record of the event as you won’t be in too much of a rush and you can try lots of different things. You’ll need a reasonable telephoto lens but speed doesn’t matter as the Moon is so bright. The hardest part is judging the exposure especially when the Moon is between Penumbral and Umbral eclipse as the contrast is so high and getting detail on both sides is a real challenge.

Let’s hope for clear weather.

Credit: Hannahbelle Nel, Oct 2015, Bristol