Wellow open observing

A great evening of stargazing at Wellow carpark on Saturday 8th June despite the looming longest day (shortest night) and a prominent Moon in the sky.

These public events, open to all, are advertised on our Facebook page and we try to run at least monthly. The vagaries of the weather mean we pencil in 8 days around the New Moon each month and hopefully one will be clear.

On 8th June, we met up at 10pm and observed to 00:30am. We saw the Moon as it waxed in the West a few days before First Quarter. The cratering on the terminator was nice and clear giving good photo opportunities.

Jupiter was readily visible low in the sky to the South. It improved all night with views of Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto. The central banding on the planet was visible in all telescopes.

One telescope did a tour of available Messier objects and got to see dozens of globular clusters. Also seen were the Ring Nebula and Dumbbell Nebula.

The evening closed with a look a Saturn as it rose after midnight.

Come and join us each month by checking out the events on https://www.facebook.com/bathastronomers